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  2005.05.05  20.25



  2005.03.01  18.20
what happened to drew ? well read .

warning a bit non con nothing to graphic thoughCollapse )


  2005.01.19  10.02

When I first arrived here at camp I met Greg. He was nice to me and we spend some time in the lounge . I soon knew how I felt for him he's so cute and loving . We watched the storm for a while.But I got the feeling he loved someone else.
I also met Tobey a very nice guyI share a cabin with him.
He kind of figured Greg had feelings for his boyfriend Orlando.Which kind of made me happy and put me down.
I got to know Greg better and the feelings didn't go away Soon I told him about my father and my past he seemed to understand.
He wanted to love me but he still loved Orlando. Who had quit a few accidents here at camp.
But that's his story. When I got home from christmas dad beat me up quit hard and since then things started to change , Orlando helped with the cuts and Greg cried. A few days after he told me he loved me. I couldn't believe it at first I mean he loved Orlando. But now I think he's getting over him he will always have a place in his heart this I know for sure.
But Me and Greg are togheter now wich is the most wonderfull feelings in the world.


  2004.12.20  18.15
last one


  2004.12.20  16.41
Part 2


  2004.12.20  14.40
Art assigment first part


  2004.12.08  12.04

I was in need for a change , this look has gotten me nothing but trouble. I stay the same in spirit but I just needed a change you know , just one change to get my mood up a little. Not to hard I just found my black eyeliner and here we are again , back to my old look.


  2004.11.21  12.42

I just arived at this camp. Mom wanted me to go.... don't ask me why she probably just wanted the house to herself.

Well a small introduction:

My name is Drew Fuller, I have a sister ...which is really irritating so I am glad to be away from her.

I like acting and I can play the piano , I love snowboarding , rockclimbing , watching movies .....

Well I guess that's it for a small introduction... Now I need to go find my cabin , any help in that area ?